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reBirth - Topography / 生紙
on 3mm mounted ply wood
182 x 91 cm
© Carla Salem

while watching the
sun rise this morning
I sat there listening

: to my body
With a clear mind,
I thought of how strange it is, nowadays,
to have someone else guide you through
this private act of just being

Guided meditations tell us how to
breathe and help us enter our own
rhythms that only ask for silence

I now live and work in a studio by the sea
I listen to the sound of the waves,
and try to visualize the sound with my eyes closed
Then I open my eyes and mute the sound

This private act of seeing
that is so personal to each of us
cannot be communicated
unless one tries to recreate it
through the senses

Through form and maybe through words

When I show my work
I am actually saying this is how I see;
this is how I hear; and this is my silence